Creating A Lolly Bar For Your Wedding Day

Who doesn’t love a lolly, or two, or three …. heck, why not a whole bag of lollies! The Lolly Bar has become a very popular wedding trend over the last few years and today we are sharing tips on how to create the perfect Lolly Bar for your special day! We are excited to welcome Queenstown Wedding Hire to the blog today as we pick their brain about wedding day Lolly Bars.

To begin our discussion, tell us the purpose of a Lolly Bar for a wedding reception.

We believe Lolly Bars are a beautiful addition to a wedding reception. We recommend setting the bar on a clothed table or even a wine barrel and incorporating colorful lollies that fit in with the rest of your wedding decor. For example, if navy is a color used throughout your wedding day (bridesmaids dresses, napkin detail, ect.) we suggest buying blue and white candy for your display. 

The Lolly Bar can also serve as your wedding favors for your guests. Place bags on the bar and have guests mix and match the lollies to create their ideal combination of sweets. They can then take these bags home at the end of the evening and enjoy them in the coming days! 

What do you recommend using to hold the lollies on the Lolly Bar display?

A typical Lolly Bar contains apothecary jars in all sizes, and other unique vases and containers. We recommend using a variety of sizes and vessels to create a unique and interesting Lolly Bar. Consider placing boxes on the display as well as this helps create different heights and adds a nice flare! Queenstown Wedding hire offers a wonderful range of lolly containers for those planning their Lolly Bar here in Queenstown. 

How many lollies do you recommend for a Lolly Bar?

This really depends on the number of guests at the wedding reception. For a wedding reception with less than 25 poeple we recommend 5 to 6 lolly types, for weddings up to 50 people we suggest 7 to 8 lolly types, and if you plan to have over 50 people we say 10 to 12 different lolly choices! 

What do you think makes a Lolly Bar special?

We love theming our Lolly Bar displays. From adding in candlelight to scattering colorful lollies between the jars there are many different ways to add a bit of pizzaz to your display! The Lolly Bar becomes a focal point during the wedding reception (it’s candy!) so you want to create a special space that showcases your wedding day style. 

Another fun idea is to incorporate the bride and groom’s favorite lollies or lollies that have a special meaning to the couple, such as the first candy they shared together as a couple! 

What Lolly Bar services does Queenstown Wedding Hire offer to those getting married in Queenstown?

We love Lolly Bars! Queenstown Wedding Hire offers three types of Lolly Bar setup. Service 1 includes a selection of jars, scoops/ tongs, and theming items suited to fit your style. Service 2 includes a selection of jars, scoops/tongs, theming items suited to fit your style and all of the lollies. Service 3 includes ncludes a selection of jars, scoops/tongs, theming items suited to fit your style, all of the lollies AND setup, styling, and delivery for venues within the Queenstown area. These services are priced based on the number of wedding guests, from 25 and below, 25 to 50, and 50 to 75 guests. 

If you are looking for something a bit more simple and DIY, we also offer dry hire of our lolly jars and containers. 

A big thank you to Queenstown Wedding Hire for sharing their tips and advice for designing the perfect wedding day Lolly Bar!

Queenstown lolly bar

Queenstown Lolly Bar

Queenstown Lolly Bar

Queenstown Lolly Bar

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