Planning a Christmas Wedding

With the Christmas holiday just around the corner we thought it would be a great time to share a few tips for planning a Christmas wedding! If your planning a wedding that falls in the month of December you may wish to embrace the holiday spirit and incorporate a few of these festive twists into your big day! Be sure to book your wedding venue well ahead of time –  The holidays are a busy time and often families make reservations months in advance. If you are planning a holiday wedding, be sure to get in before everyone else begins making their Christmas party plans. Inform your wedding guests in advance – Good news is many of your guests will be able to attend your wedding since they already have time off for the holidays! Encourage

them to come a few days before the wedding and stay a few days after so they can enjoy being on holiday, but be sure to let them know well in advance so they can make their travel and accommodation plans before things get too busy. Incorporate holiday motifs and designs into your invitations – Embrace the Christmas season and get a bit festive with you wedding invitations! Showcase a bit of the Christmas colors – From red bridesmaids dresses to silver candle holders and extra greenery,  there are many ways to bring the holiday colors into your wedding day. Ask your MC to get involved – Why not have your MC throw on a Santa Hat and give a few “Ho – Ho – Hos” during speeches, it is the Christmas season after all. He could even hand out your wedding favours in a big santa sack! Take advantage of the decorations your venue provides for the holiday season – Many wedding venues may already have decorations set around the building. We suggest taking advantage of what they have to offer for a bit of extra festive decor that you can leave behind at the end of the evening. Ask your florist to create a beautiful Christmas wreath – What better way to welcome your guests to a holiday affair by having a wonderful wreath adorning the door to your wedding venue. Serve fruit cake along with your traditional wedding cake flavors – Everyone loves fruit cake during the Christmas season so ask your cake designer if they can create a smaller tier of fruit cake to offer your guests later in the evening. Instead of a gift table set up a small christmas tree and have presents or cards placed under the tree – A sure sign to set the tone for the holidays with a wedding complete with a little christmas tree! queenstown christmas wedding queenstown summer wedding queenstown holiday weddingqueenstown christmas wedding Images by Rich Bayley Photography, Jim Pollard Goes Click, Larsson Photography, and Alpine Image Co.

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