Q+A with QWA Dream Wedding Package Winner Holly Bissell

Last June the Queenstown Wedding Association traveled to Melbourne, Australia to showcase Queenstown, New Zealand in the Melbourne Bride Wedding Expo 2014. We ran a competition to giveaway the Ultimate Queenstown Wedding Package to one lucky couple and today we are chatting with the winner, Holly Bissell!

Again a BIG thank you to the QWA Members who donating their services for this prize package to become a reality!

Take it away Holly ….


Q: Tell us about the competition you entered in Melbourne through the Queenstown Wedding Association? What made you excited about potentially winning the  Queenstown Dream Wedding Giveaway?

A: The day you advertised it on Facebook, my mother-in-law to be told me of a Bridal Expo that was going to in Melbourne that weekend and she wanted to pay for us to go to it as a treat. I was adamant that it was not for us because we were wanting a Queenstown Wedding not a Melbourne Wedding. But that night I hopped onto Facebook and saw the flyer for the competition and was so excited to know that we could actually go and talk to someone in person about our dream wedding. So I quickly hopped onto the phone to my Mother-in-law and said we have to go! 

I was so excited at the thought of being able to have a wedding that would have been way beyond the amount we would have been able to afford. With luxury accommodation, private chef catering, a pre-wedding photo shoot, hair and makeup, flowers, wedding stylist, cars, heli flights (Which was our dream but was out of our price range), stationary, babysitting and a celebrant. It only let a hand full of things that we actually had to organise ourselves, it has been a blessing beyond compare. You have all bought such happiness to our lives and have made it that we can get married sooner!

Q: Did you enjoy talking with the QWA at the wedding show?

A: I loved talking to the girls at QWA at the Melbourne Bride Expo, they shone a light into the equation and opened our eyes to the possibilities of having an intimate wedding over in Queenstown. Sarah was a well of knowledge, she spent time showing up photos and telling us of her favourite venues and what places are more suited to a smaller group. She showed us that what we had in mind would not have suited the small intimate wedding we are having, but told us about some better ideas, which we can’t wait to explore on our planning trip.

Q: So, have you set a wedding date?! We would love to hear what you have planned so far!

A: We have no set a date as of yet, but we are looking at July 2015 so that we can have a beautiful Winter wedding. 

Q: Have you reached out to most of the QWA Members who donated their services for the competition?

A: We have sent out emails to each and every vender to thank them from the bottom of our hearts for the blessing they have given us. We have started organising with a couple of the venders for when we come over for our planning trip, e.g. Hair trail with the beautiful Sarah from Absolutely Fabulous Hair, Accommodation at Commonage Villas, a Photo Shoot with Dan Childs, a Private dinner catered by Artisan Catering, meeting with the Flower Room and the lovely Sarah from Simply Perfect Weddings, and a look through some homes of Relax it’s Done.

Q: Are you planning a pre-wedding trip to Queenstown to begin planning your wedding?

A: We are, we head over for a couple of days at the end of February. We can’t wait! It’s a packed full holiday, we have every minute booked with something else to look at for our wedding. It’s a lot to think of when you will only have this one time to come over before your actual wedding. We really can’t wait to get over there and start getting everything happening.

Q: Tell us about some of the prizes that were included in the Dream Wedding Giveaway, what are you most excited about?

A: Commonge Villa’s have blessed us with 2 nights accommodation in one of their luxurious villas for our planning trip.

Dan Child’s Photography is taking us out on our first night there for a photo shoot to have some engagement photos, which we are thinking of using as our save the date invites.

Artisan Catering is cooking up a romantic dinner for two in our villa over looking Lake Wakitipu. Just the two of us, I can’t wait. Relax it’s Done have supplied two night accommodation in one of their luxury homes for when we are there for our wedding. Alyssandra Striking Stationary has offered stationary. Absolutely Fabulous Hair is going to be doing my hair for my big day, and might I say she is the most kindest and warmest woman I have dealt with in a long time, it is more like talking to an old friend rather than a company. Janine Joseph Makeup Artist is doing my makeup. The Flower Room is in charge of my bouquet. Classic Car Journeys Queenstown is blessing us with an amazing car, exactly the style I was dreaming of! Black ZQN is also blessing us with a car.

The Helicopter Line is flying us up to the Remarkables for our wedding shoot, which was our dream so we are so so so thrilled about this. Evan Paterson is the celebrant. In2Food has offered some catering for the big day. Simply Perfect Weddings will be styling our wedding, and Babysitting Queenstown is there for those tiny guests.

A few of the vendors that have offered their services are actually some that we had been watching before we even won this package.

Like I mentioned before we really wanted to be able to have  photos taken in the snow up on the Remarkables but didn’t know if we would be able to afford that, but this has given us the ability to fulfil that dream.

Having a stylist for our wedding has taken a weight off of me, I don’t have to try and figure out how I would get time to decorate the venue, now I have a big helper to take the pressure off of my shoulders.

Q: Do you have family and friends traveling to Queenstown for the first time to attend your wedding?

A: We have some of our family flying over for our big day, Our parents, my Grandparents, my Fiancé’s brothers and my best friend, who is like the big sister I never had, and her husband.

Only a intimate wedding, but that is exactly how we want it. We want our day to feel like we are the only people in the world, nice and romantic.

Q: Why did you want to get married in Queenstown?!

A: We actually got engaged over in Queenstown on the 18th of September 2013, and we wanted to start our journey into forever together in the place that we committed to each other. 

Scott, my Fiancé, booked a hell flight up to Mt Vanguard for a nice sight seeing look over the picturesque snow capped mountains, he turned me around to look over at the Remarkables to ‘take a photo’ but when I turned around there he was on one knee, he made it perfect and I didn’t expect anything. We have been together for 10 years and there is no one else who could complete my life just like he does. 

Q: Any final words you wish to share with the QWA?

A: We would like to thank everyone who have helped make our day come true, we wouldn’t be able to have the plans that we do if it wasn’t for you all. 

We will be starting the intense planning after our trip over in February, and then we will have some exciting thing to share.

We already have our outfits, Scott will be wearing a vintage inspired Hugo Boss suit on our big day and I am also going to be in a vintage inspired custom made gown that I have ordered here in Melbourne.

QWA you have made our wildest dreams come true by bringing together these amazing companies and making it so much easier for a couple to plan their special day so far away.

I really can’t wait to meet you are all and to get to know you and work along side you all for our special day.

Thanks so much.



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