QWA Best Christmas Party EVER!!!

 “Oh I wish it could be Christmas Everyday…..”

(OK – maybe just once a month on a stress factor level) but seriously – what a PARTY!!! A massive thank you to everyone who came and gave their support to the 2016 QWA Christmas Party, old and new members turned out to embrace the Christmas cheer and indulge in an evening of festive friendliness!

Extra love goes especially to those fab sponsors – of which it wouldn’t have been possible – and despite the craziness of silly season you all gave your time and services – so from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


I’m super stoked to say that this year we managed to raise over $1200 for our chosen charities Baskets of Blessings and Happiness House in various vouchers as well as presents. Also a big well done to those that have offered support to The Orphans Aid Charity with any new or depreciated stock, or wedding services for their appeal. Please don’t forget to get in touch with Vicci and help them raise money in this genius way!


It’s been a fab 5 months sat at this laptop representing the crème de la crème of the Queenstown Wedding Industries finest.  I honestly love every minute of it and I hope that it comes across in all that I write!


In all of this whirlwind I actually hadn’t had time to stop and think about the fact that I (along with big support from Sarah) was primarily responsible for organising a shindig for Queenstowns leading professional Party people! It wasn’t until on my way up the NZHC road I went into mild melt down mode and had a moment of dread!!! You guys are all at the top of the wedding game and have strived to make it to the top because of your sublime talent. Your professionalism, ability to create dreams and masterpieces in the wedding world as well as stay afloat amongst this ever booming town is truly admirable. It is purely because of your passion, hard work, awesome generosity and fabulousness that shines through to your clients and keeps you a cut above the rest. That is why I feel it is SO good to celebrate this!


We could not have accomplished such jaw dropping results and gasps of wow without the spectacular venue we were given to host this years party, NZ High Country. Over the roar of the Remarkable Experience buses and NZ Ski Bus I could hear the impression that Tussock Point gave on first sight – “it really is the best view of Queenstown from here!”


After the speeches I announced we were heading to our second venue – Mike and Tinkeke’s masterpiece marquee – of which I don’t think anyone was listening and ran for the buses to carry on the party!!



That said, I feel that our wow factor was heightened a few decibels on site of that canvas silhouette of Central Otago’s most sought after Tipi from Gather and Gold. WHAT. A. BEAUTY! Seriously, I think everyone I spoke to wanted one and I’m sure if Chris has a dollar for every time someone said that he could retire before he’s even started his Tipi Kingdom! A truly spectacular contribution for our Christmas Party this year – and on behalf of everyone I can honestly say the time and man power that went onto erecting that beautifully crafted Tipi was sincerely appreciated by all – so Gather and Gold – you rock!



The sweet sounds of Calico could be heard floating through to the top of the tipi and beyond. What a perfect auditorium for our favourite entertainers Gemma and John, their awesome tunes reaching the Remarkables backdrop and creating the perfect party vibe! There really is no better way to add ambience than having their talented smiling faces serenading you whilst sipping on a Sav!


It was important we had someone there to snap all the memories we were making and who better than Dan Childs Photography – the man who never misses an opportunity to capture the tiny details, the stunning scenery – nor the craziness of our Christmas Party that was yet to come!



Bernie, the pistachio prince, the cutesy pie, styley, art-deco-with-a-hint-of-scandi Mobile Caravan Bar provided everyone with the chilled delights of Gibbston Valley’s Gold River Savignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, along with The Winehouse Pinot Gris. Pumping out of his taps were the delectable draft from Cargo Brewery’s finest beer – topped off with service by Casey and Meron, proud owners of both caravan and beer (separately!).



Queenstown Ice brought along a selection of their bar leaners as well as their beautifully handmade pinot noir wine barrel bar, with teak top covered in refreshing cocktails for the QWA Christmas party! Obviously chilled down with their finest ice – because everyone wants cold drinks on hot days!!!



It really is the most wonderful time of the year!!!  Wedding season is in full flow and your free ticket to eat, drink and be merry at every opportunity has begun. Your diary is loaded with more Christmas parties than you can shake a yule log at and the most used line in your vocab is currently – “I’ll start again after Christmas!”. There is really no better time of year to embrace all things delicious and that is what we all did so well. With thanks to Double Thyme Catering‘s divine canapes, the mountains of meat Zamora provided and the sweet treats Lucy and her Aspiring Catering Angels sprinkled around – we had a feast fit for royalty!



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Interior décor provided by Shirley from Wanaka Wedding Flowers set the wedding ambience in the marquee and what an effort from our regional supplier. Shirley came over and decorated for us, despite not being able to make the party due to ‘a real wedding party!’ Thanks so much Shirley!




We were lucky enough to have a great turn out and I was super excited to be able to meet lots of you in person rather than over cyber space – who knew Rich Bayley had a beard?! I got to meet the gorgeous Olya from Chaplin Focus who made a special trip from Wanaka, Dawn Thompson who drove the GY gauntlet during prime crazy tourist time (5 years doing that road daily has scarred me for life) and all the other members who came from far and wide to be a part of our wee wedding family – another big heartfelt thank you!





The prize for ‘Entertainer of the night’ went by no surprise to our handsome Lindsay from LA Social who although challenged me to a dance off, didn’t make me follow through – and let’s be honest – I think the Pacific Linen girls did an awesome job of claiming the dancefloor in my place! Glennys Logan cut a fair few of her own shapes backed by our wonderful President Tracey Maclaren who was the Dancing Queen of the evening! DJ Rose’ certainly scored top marks by all for her Bieber bangers and Christmas classics that had the dancefloor rockin’ til home time!






No party would be complete without the opportunity to put on a wig, halo, feather boa, dive mask and pull your silliest face in an Amazing Travelling Photobooth – so it’s a good job Dan came prepared with all his gear and we had no idea! Our keepsakes came complete with custom festive frame – everyone enjoyed taking hilarious photos and there was great fun had by all! 

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So there you have it – in a nut shell (coconut maybe) my personal highlights from my first QWA Christmas Party! I love representing all of you and seeing, sharing and hearing about your work. For now it’s over and out, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you all in 2017!!!


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