Unplugged Wedding

Unplugged Wedding

You are walking up the aisle to marry the love of your life, this is one of the most special moments of your life, yet you can’t see your fiancé because all your guests are standing in the way with their electronic devices taking photos.

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Unplugged wedding ceremonies are becoming something that more and more wedding couples are requesting. But there are also many other people don’t know anything about them! So this month’s blog is to talk about the ins and outs of an unplugged wedding, with some great ideas and views from some of our QWA members!

What is an unplugged wedding?

An unplugged wedding is when the wedding couple have requested that their wedding guests turn off their electronic devices so that they can be present with the couple and also allow the photographer to do what they have been paid to do, ‘capture the moment’.

There are two types of unplugged weddings.

1. Having no electronic devices or cameras (except the photographer’s) taking photos until after the first dance

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2. Having no electronic devices or cameras (except the photographer’s) taking photos during the wedding ceremony

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What to consider if you are thinking of having an unplugged wedding…

Talk to your photographer:

Remember that your wedding guests want to relive the moment, hence having their devices out taking photos. Speak to your photographer about considering having an unplugged wedding and get their ideas about it.

It’s always easier when there are no other phones or cameras around. Not only can guests get in the way of shots and important moments (and they do), it can make it distracting for a couple not knowing where to look. Sunshine Wedding Films.

Having enough space between the front row of seats and the couple makes a huge difference. I’m in favour of unplugged ceremonies as people will actually listen and take in what’s going on around them. Richard Bayley Photography.

Personally I don’t mind if the ceremony is unplugged or plugged. It is their ceremony. I do give the B&G the options and advantages of both and they can decide for themselves. It is a sign of times and should be accepted as such. Dan Child’s Photography

Communicating well with your photographer is important as they are the ones who are capturing the moment of the day for you, work with them and ask if they could consider having a sneak peek of a few digital photos ready for you and then you can share these how you would like with your guests.

Talk to your celebrant/minister/priest

Your celebrant/minister/priest is the person who is making your marriage official, the chances are they have helped many couples with organising an unplugged wedding. Ask them if they could mention to the guests about switching off their devices before the ceremony starts, and about refraining from posting any pictures on social media.

I am perfectly happy to (and often do) announce the “unplugged wedding” bit before the bride walks down the aisle, and often work alongside the MC with this. Phillippa Thomas – Celebrant.

“I also ask you to take this opportunity to please make sure that your mobile phones and cameras are now either turned off or put away during the ceremony. We have ……. here who is a great photographer to capture …..and ……beautiful ceremony so I invite you all to sit back, relax and enjoy it with them.  Enjoy ‘being in the moment’ with them as they make their lifelong commitment to each other. Glennys Logan – Celebrant.

By having an unplugged ceremony, you allow your guests the freedom to enjoy the ceremony knowing that the professional will capture the day fully and unimpeded. The other advantage of having an unplugged ceremony is having control over what photos go on social media and when.  I have seen it time and time again that a guest wants to be the first to put up a photo of the Bride onto Facebook…  you might be talking and it may not be such a flattering photo with a twist in the mouth etc…  but they want to be the first.  In fact, it is your wedding and you should have the say in what photos go on social media and when. Kathryn Omond – Celebrant

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The most important thing to remember is it’s…. YOUR WEDDING. Whatever you decide, unplugged or not you need to enjoy yourself, as this maybe one of the most special moments in your life 🙂




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