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Coromandel Peak wedding photography by Sunshine Weddings

5 Top Spots to Elope To In Queenstown

As I’m sure you know by now, Queenstown is one hell of a place. The landscapes this small slice of the world holds has some of the more gorgeous views you’ll ever see in a 200km radius. Because of that.. picking a spot for your elopement can be almost impossible. That’s why we have looked through all of our past elopements and come up with the top 5 places that are both easy to get to and absolutely beautiful!

Moke Lake Winter Wedding

1. Moke Lake Wedding

If you’re looking for a spot to say your ‘I do’s’ that is secluded, wild and has rolling hills, Moke lake should be the place you look into. Being only a 20 minute drive away from the main centre of Queenstown, it’s super easy to get to, and is a lot more private than most lake side options in Queenstown. The views you’ll get here are truly 360, and the lake is surrounded in mountains, long grassy fields and sometimes if you’re lucky, horses!

2. Coronet Peak Wedding

Coronet Peak looks over Dalefeild, down to Arrowtown and across to the Remarakbles, with Wakatipu Lake peeking out from another angle… you aren’t going to run out of views any time soon with this spot! Skippers canyon is easily accessible and during the winter you can live you full winter wonderland fantasies at the top of the mountain, only a 20 minute drive up! During the rest of the year Coronet is covered in tussocks and long grass, making it look super velvety and wild amongst the Queenstown landscape.

Coronet is just 10 minutes out of town and paved all the way up. It’s one of our favourite spots if you’re looking to bring family and friends along to your ceremony, as it isn’t too hard to get to the ceremony spots we love, and there is plenty of parking!

3. Jack’s Point Wedding

The perfect blend of mountains and lake views. Jacks Point is private, expansive and has some of the most epic sunsets we’ve ever seen in my life. If you’re down for a bit of a walk, this is the place to go. We are absolutely stunned by this location every time we go there, and honestly so is every couple we get to bring along with us.

Jacks Point is 30 minutes from the middle of town, and a spot most tourists don’t have on their list when they are planning to come to Queenstown. This spot is definitely one to bring sensible shoes to as there is a bit of a walk to get to the final spot, but with the long grass hiding your feet, and the views you’re rewarded with, the bit of effort is definitely worth it!

4. Rees Valley Wedding

An hour away from Queenstown, at the end of the road, you’ll find Glenorchy. If the views from the drive weren’t enough to overwhelming you, once you head into the Rees Valley, you’ll be breathless.

If you’re looking for a location that looks right out of Lord of The Rings for your New Zealand elopement, Rees Valley should be the place you focus your intentions on.. not just because it was actually in the movie, but because the views look like a green screen when you get there… its honestly just so perfect it doesn’t even look real.

Since it’s private land, there is a small fee to head here, but trust us, it’s so worth it!

5. Coromandel Peak Wedding

This one is technically not in Queenstown, but is able to be reached by helicopter lifting off from the Queenstown Airport.

The peak is sometimes called “Roy’s Peak” but where you land is actually a better view than that… if you can even imagine it getting better. It looks straight down Lake Wanaka, and out towards Mount Aspiring Nation Park, there is not angle on this peak that isn’t amazing.

This spot is 100% private, only reachable by helicopter, and is perfect for couples looking for that out of this world feel on their elopement wedding day.

It’s hard to imagine that these are only 5 of the most epic landscapes in Queenstown… honestly if we wanted to, we could write a full book on the topic, each page with a new location and reason why it’s gorgeous. To save you some time, we will leave it here at five, but if you want to discover even more then talk to your wedding providers for personal recommendations.

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