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Water Glass


With the current Queenstown summer being an absolute stunner, nobody is complaining!

Well, except perhaps your great Uncle Bill… the morning after… who thought our Central Otago Pinot Noir would be the most hydrating drink of choice throughout your big day!!!

Most people worry about rain on their big day, but the sun can be just as problematic!

The excitement within the bridal party, for the guests who have travelled far and wide, those who have flown in from other climates, and the children who secretly inhaled half the candy bar before breakfast – weddings are where adrenaline runs high and guests over indulge – so here are a few little tips to make sure you big day keeps everyone hydrated and nobody ends up with a sunstroke story to tell…


The Bridal Party

– You may feel an urge to jump out of bed the morning of your wedding, start getting ready and doing a million things, but try to stay in bed a little longer and relax. The more rest you can get in the morning, the better you’ll feel later on!

– Stay hydrated throughout the day. Drink as much water as you can early on and keep going right up until your leaving for the ceremony! You’ll always need a nervous pee before the big moment but you’ll soon forget once you’re walking up the isle – and then they’ll only be glasses of champagne thrust in your hands afterwards!!

– Eat lots of snacks, keep some in your pockets and keep your sugar levels up! You’ll be rushing around all day, possibly lack of time to eat full meals and quite possibly full of nerves, suppressing your appetite. Don’t forget to organise a snack bag for the rest of the helpers, big and small who will be with you all day.

– Appoint a bridesmaid/usher to be your water supporter! Maid of Honour and the Best Man will have other tasks in hand – share the responsibilities!


The Guests:

– Arrival drinks pre ceremony are a great welcome and ice-breaker for guests, but consider the weather and if it is necessary for them to be drinking from midday if your ceremony isn’t until 1pm – then further suppling them with booze until midnight!

– If you are doing pre ceremony beverages think about what beverages your supplying – water is a no brainer and something non-alcoholic and sugary will help to keep everyone fresh! Also serving in mason jars or a large vessel helps to encourage people to drink more.

– After the ceremony when things start to relax, perhaps provide a nice Elderflower cocktail, or something thirst quenching to compliment the bubbles and beers. There are so many lower alcohol options out there that can give everyone a chance to remember the meal you’ve just spent half of your life savings on!!!

– Make sure you have plenty of ice! Not only does everyone love cold drinks, but the speed it melts in current temperatures only helps to water down alcoholic beverages and keep everyone that little bit more hydrated!


– Cocktails are a great wedding drink, but perhaps go with something that has a hydrating base, like tonic or soda water. You can always add food colouring if you want it to be bright and funky – instead of that 1 litre bottle of 40% Bols Blue!!!


– Help yourself drinks dispensers are a great way of service, but remember your cousin Sheila who isn’t quite sure when enough is enough until it’s all gone!! Responsible drinking will allow everyone to enjoy your day and prevent the poor bar staff from having to cut your guests off!

– Provide shade – pop up gazebos, umbrellas and of course hats and sunscreen! Perhaps get some wedding day sombreros made or something gimmicky all of your guests can wear on the big day that will be a talking point and be encouraging for everyone to wear!

– Ask your caterer or beverage staff to make sure that water is being constantly walked around through the drinks reception and again topped up at the tables during the meal. Most guests won’t go out of their way to find water but if its sat in front of them it’s a great incentive!


– Continue to drink plenty of water throughout the night. Alcoholic beverages may be flowing, but too many spirits can compromise your energy levels. Be sure to balance the booze with hydrating fluids, such as water or juices and perhaps a bright and tasty non-alcoholic punch that’s pulled out after dinner!

And finally – drink a good few pints of water before you fall into bed – even put a bottle next to your bed before you leave the house! That way there are no excuses and you can top up your body with water and let it get to work while your recovering and resting your weary dancing feet!

Have fun – and may your hangover be merry and bright!!!

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