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  • April 19, 2024 3:26 pm local time

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Kia ora, hi I'm Hannah!  I love chocolate, I sing 80s classics up loud in my car and I'm a celebrant covering Aotearoa New Zealand's beautiful South Island.

Part of my job is the talking on your wedding day... but the first part of my job is actually to listen to you - I'm not here to tell you how you should be getting married - my job is to facilitate you getting the ceremony that suits who you are, what's important to you and how you want to celebrate your relationship.

This is why I offer a couple of different packages - one a bespoke ceremony package, the other choosing from a pre written selection.  But more than that why are you choosing to get married? Why here? Why now? What do you love doing together?

Which doesn't mean I ask you what you want to do and then stare at you expectantly (that would be creepy!)  Also I remember vividly not knowing where to start when planning our own wedding (shout out to our wonderful celebrant, Stewart Island's Gwen Neave, for her wonderful guidance!)  So that's what I provide, options, guidance, support and the clear expectation that no question is a dumb question.

On your wedding day, as well as the talking I'm there to do the jobs that I can see need doing - carrying all the stuff, moving chairs, breathing with you through a big emotion.

While I 100% believe in love and romance, who I am, how I write is firmly rooted in the practical - romance in our house is when my husband lets me have the last piece of chocolate cake... even if technically it's his.

Through it all, think of me as your friend who has got this.  And while I have you, just to be clear your sexuality, gender identity, age, age gap or where you sit on the Marmite vs Vegemite debate aren't problems for me.

However you're planning on celebrating, happy planning!  If I sound like I could maybe be the celebrant for you, I'd love to chat more x

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