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I'm a wedding, elopement, proposal and couple photographer in Queenstown, Aotearoa, New Zealand.

When the vows are made, food eaten and wine drunk, when the dress is in the cupboard, it's the photos that you'll return to again and again, to relive the magical memories of your day.  

The photos are going to be with you for a long time and your photographer is going to be with you all day!  So you want to be sure that person shares your vision and that you feel completely comfortable with them.

I got married recently and choosing our photographer was the biggest decision in organising our wedding!

I like to spend time on you before the big day and get to know what makes you tick.  It helps you to feel confident and relaxed and helps me to visualise your dream.  By the time we meet on the day we’re old friends.

An added bonus is that, as your photographer, I can offer you so much advice in planning your big day.  I mean, who else do you know that goes to so many weddings a year and stays close to the couple all day from early morning till late at night?

As well as your photographer I'm also your local expert, dress-fluffer, nerve calmer, hair clip provider, adviser, friend and source of handy wedding tips you never knew you needed!  On the day I've got your back so you can relax and enjoy.

I’m not big on posing but I also know most people don’t really know what to do on the day.  So, I'll give you gentle guidance, if you want it, and then blend into the background to catch the moments as they unfold.  Of course we do the family and group photos and I make those fun too.

My photo style is natural, relaxed, joyful and richly coloured.  I carefully lay out your images to tell the story of the whole day and of your special relationship that is being celebrated.

You may not realise it but a lot of work goes in before and after the day itself.  I’ll help you with tips and advice in advance and after the wedding I edit every single photo to reflect the look and style you want and whether we are given dramatic storm clouds, golden tawny tones or spring blossoms on the day.   I also design your album if you want one.

So, give me a call, DM or email.  I’d love to chat.  I could be your new BFF.

Nga mihi nui


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