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Marriage Licence

Notice of Intended Marriage/Marriage licence.

You must complete a Notice of Intended Marriage online, including a statutory declaration that the details provided are true and there is no lawful impediment to the marriage.

You’ll have to arrange your marriage licence

  • no less than 3 working days and
  • no more than 3 months before you want to get married.

Many celebrants recommend applying for your marriage licence a month or two before your wedding day.

When applying for your marriage licence you will need to provide

  • your celebrant’s name,
  • your wedding location, and
  • an approximate date of your wedding.

You will also be asked if you require a certificate to be sent to you after the ceremony – this certificate will be your official proof that your marriage has taken place and is registered in New Zealand.

We recommend you pre-order your certificate when applying for your licence, but you can choose to order it at any time after your wedding if this is your preference.

Fees & More Info

The fee for a marriage licence in New Zealand is $150, a certificate $33 + optional courier fee (as at May, 2020).

For more information about getting a marriage licence in New Zealand, please visit https://marriages.services.govt.nz/