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Category: QWA Members

Nov 19
QWA Member Spotlight: BLACK BOX

Learn more about Anisha Capstick at Black Box in this exclusive interview with new…

Nov 10
QWA Member Spotlight: Queenstown Wedding Photographer, RICH BAYLEY

Learn more about Rich Bayley of Rich Bayley Photography in this exclusive interview…

Sep 14
QWA Member Spotlight: Margaret Wray Bridal

Learn more about Jamie Richards at Margaret Wray¬†Bridal in this exclusive interview…

Aug 19
QWA Member Spotlight: Andy Thompson – In2Food

Learn more about Andy and the team at in2Food catering in this exclusive interview…

Jul 31
QWA Member Spotlight: Philippa Thomas (celebrant)

Learn more about Queenstown celebrant Philippa Thomas in an exclusive interview with…

Mar 26
Covid-19: Marriage Licence Refund

If you were planning to get married within the next 90days and have already applied…