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Category: wedding styling

Sep 02
Wedding Dress, Suits and Jewellery Trends of 2021/22

Get the latest news on what fashionable brides and grooms will be wearing for their…

Oct 25
QWA Spring Catch Up

The QWA Spring Catch Up was on October 23rd and it had a fashion theme this year. Lots…

Sep 27
The Mad Hatters Tea Party – QWA Gala 2017

“Begin at the beginning,” the King said, very gravely, “and go on till you…

Jul 26
Wedding Car Ribbon How-To

Whether you have chosen your dad’s favourite old car, a vintage Rolls Royce, or a…

Jul 21
What’s cooler than an Ice Sculpture on your Wedding Day? Queenstown Ice reveals all!

The Iceman reveals why he has the coolest job in town and how Queenstown Ice has grown…

Apr 27
QWA Best Christmas Party EVER!!!

Oh I wish it could be Christmas Everyday…..   (OK – maybe just once a month on a…