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QWA Member Spotlight: BLACK BOX

Learn more about Anisha Capstick at Black Box in this exclusive interview with new photos and some completely random facts!

Black Box is a high-end personalised gift option.

We find premium New Zealand items and/or internationally well known keepsakes. All of our items are carefully hand selected and beautifully presented in a luxury Black Box with gold embossed on the front.

1. Why do you think couples should choose a Queenstown wedding?

The second you fly into Queenstown you know that you are in the most magical place ever!  That alone is enough of a reason. 

To be marrying the Love of your dreams is magical, and as we embrace into a new chapter, then being in such a beautiful place will only heighten your unique wedding experience.

 Black Box

2. What’s the best season for a Queenstown wedding?

All year round is a good time for a Queenstown wedding!

We are so lucky to have all the seasons down here that it makes for great themes.

Black Box gift

3. Tell us the most unique/interesting thing you’ve seen at a Queenstown wedding…

The Bride coming in on a White Horse.

Anisha Capstick

4. What is your favourite Queenstown restaurant or cafe?

There are so many favourites to choose from! 

I do love going into a restaurant or cafe where they know me, and know my order before I even speak!  I really enjoy our small community.

Black Box gift

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself…

I am a keen Hunter and have my brown belt in Shukokai. 

black box set

You can find more about Black Box  HERE


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