A Queenstown wedding combines your awesome wedding day with an unforgettable honeymoon amongst the beautiful lakes and mountains of Queenstown. And you can an enjoy all of this with your friends and whānau or opt for an intimate elopement with just the two of you.

Here are some wedding planning tips to help you create your Queenstown wedding:


Set yourself up for Queenstown wedding planning success by budgeting for your big day. Think about who is paying for what, consider the size and style of your wedding day, and decide on your “must have” versus “nice to have” elements. Then, do your research to find your favourite Queenstown wedding vendors and how much they charge. This way you know exactly what you want and what you expect to pay from the beginning.

Pro tip: You can use the Queenstown Wedding Association Directory to research 200+ Queenstown wedding professionals and find the best fit for your wedding! 



The legal side of your Queenstown wedding may not be romantic but it is really easy. You’ll need a New Zealand Marriage Licence which you can apply for online, and then you’ll receive your New Zealand Marriage Certificate through the post following your wedding day as proof of marriage. If you’re travelling into Queenstown from overseas be sure to check any further requirements in other countries where you may wish to use your New Zealand Marriage Certificate. An Apostle to further authenticate your documents can also be easily applied for online.

Pro tip: The whole marriage license application process is super simple and all online – your celebrant or wedding planner will walk you through the process to ensure all the boxes are ticked before your big day!


Your Queenstown wedding vendors are used to helping couples from out of town plan for afar, so don’t panic if you don’t have your own eyes and ears on the ground! You can take a virtual tour of your venue, receive cake samples to your door, and video call your videographer so that you can be confident in your wedding planning choices.

Pro tip: If you’ve got the time and budget, you can even book a wedding planning holiday to Queenstown!

Queenstown Lakeview Weddings


Queenstown is a stunning wedding destination all year round and popular Queenstown wedding providers take bookings up to 2 years in advance! So, it’s never too early for you to check the availability of your preferred Queenstown wedding vendors. The best way to secure the Queenstown wedding crew you want is to make your enquiries early and lock your favourites in for your date as soon as possible.  

Pro tip: You can easily save your favourite wedding vendors on the Queenstown Wedding Association site and then contact them directly for their availability and pricing.

For extra help with your Queenstown wedding consider a Queenstown wedding planner or read 5 Reasons To Book A Queenstown Wedding Package


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