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The Queenstown Wedding Association’s 1st Annual Bingo Night – A Night of Laughter and 80’s Hits!

The Queenstown Wedding Association recently hosted our highly anticipated 1st Annual Bingo Night and it was an evening filled with laughter, 80’s music, and great company.

Held at the picturesque Giverny Estate & Sculpture Garden on Thursday, May 4, the event brought together around 40x wedding industry peers for a delightful evening of fun.  On arrival, guests were treated to a private tour of Giverny Estate’s beautiful property, featuring their multi-faceted wedding venue, accommodation space, classic wedding cars, and perfectly manicured sculpture garden.

After everyone was guided into the barn, the evening’s festivities began, hosted by the charismatic Lindsay Woods from LA Social, who kept the energy high throughout the event. The highlight of the night was undoubtedly the 80’s music bingo, which had everyone tapping their feet and belting out their favourite hits from the era.  The atmosphere throughout the night was absolutely electric!

The bingo game itself was anything but ordinary. Instead of traditional numbers, the bingo cards featured the names of popular 80’s song titles. Each song was played, and if it appeared on an attendee’s bingo board, they used a lolly to cover its place. Laughter and excitement filled the air as participants eagerly marked off the songs they recognised, inching closer to a winning row. 

Of course, no bingo night is complete without prizes, and this event was no exception. A number of lucky winners were rewarded with top-notch candy selections, adding an extra element of anticipation and celebration.

Attendees were treated to an epic platter by Rosie’s Plate, accompanied by trays of delicious sushi, satisfying their taste buds and keeping them energised for the exciting games ahead. To complement the culinary delights, Nockie’s Palette offered a selection of delicious wines, ensuring that the participants were well taken care of throughout the evening.

It’s safe to say that the Queenstown Wedding Association’s 1st Annual Bingo Night was a resounding success.  The combination of a lively atmosphere, 80’s music, delectable food, friendly competition, and the enchanting backdrop of Giverny Estate made it an evening to remember!

Attendees left with smiles on their faces, relishing the joyful moments and already looking forward to next year’s event. Rumour has it that the next bingo night will feature the iconic hits of the 90’s, promising yet another trip down memory lane.

Another BIG THANKS to all of our event sponsors who helped make this great event happen:
• Giverny Estate
• Lindsay Woods from LA Social
Rosie’s Plate
• Nockie’s Pallette
Queenstown Wedding Hire
Jonny James Photography



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