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While everyone hopes for a sunny and clear wedding day, the weather is always unpredictable and something you can’t change! Having a wet and rainy wedding day isn’t a terrible thing … especially if you are prepared!

Today we share 5 tips on how to beat the rain on your wedding day:

1. Ask your makeup and hairstylist if they can stay a bit later, or even come back after the ceremony to do a touch up. If you know you can have a touch up later in the day you may be more willing to take a few photos in the rain!

2. Keep pretty umbrellas and rain boots on hand. Having a nice umbrella will make for beautiful photographs and allows you to get outside and stay away from the rain. Also, keep a pair of boots on hand, this way you can keep your wedding shoes clean and dry.

3. Have your ceremony indoors away from the bad weather. Reuse your table decor or add extra candle light to dress up the indoor space you have selected for your ceremony.

4. Let your wedding planner help! They have already seen many rainy wedding days so they have all kinds of tips up their sleeve. Be sure to ask for their advice and take their recommendations.

5. Enjoy the day! The rain will make for beautiful and romantic photographs and hey – they say it’s good luck for rain on your wedding day!




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