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Embracing Rain on Your Wedding Day: 5 Tips for a Picture-Perfect Celebration

While every couple dreams of a sunny wedding day, the weather remains an unpredictable element beyond our control. 

However, a wet and rainy wedding day can be transformed into a magical experience with a bit of preparation and a shift in mindset.

Below are five expert tips to help you navigate and even celebrate the rain on your special day:

1. Extended Beauty Touch-Ups:

Communicate with your makeup and hairstylist in advance, and request an extension of their services that allows for touch-ups after the ceremony.  Knowing that you can refresh your look later in the day will gift you a sense of ease which may make you more open to enjoying a few photos in the rain!

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2. Stylish Rain Accessories

Equip yourself with chic umbrellas and /or stylish rain boots. Not only will they add a pop of flair to your photos, but they’ll also allow you to venture outdoors without worrying about the rain.  Having boots on hand will also preserve your wedding shoes for any indoor celebrations later in the day.


3. Indoor Ceremony Options

Where possible, go for the ‘wet weather’ option at your venue, and opt to have have your ceremony sheltered inside and away from the inclement weather.  Don’t have a wet weather option? Try contacting local wedding equipment hire companies who might have a marquee available.

When styling the space, try adding a wedding arch to make your indoor space feel more special & ceremony-appropriate.  You can hire arches and even umbrellas from Styling & Decor hireage businesses.  Another pro-tip for last-minute styling is to reuse your reception table decor inside your ceremony space, or easily enhance the space with candle light for a more romantic ambiance.

4. Leverage Your Wedding Planner’s Expertise:

Trust your wedding planner’s experience in handling diverse weather scenarios. Their experience with rainy weddings equips them with a treasure trove of tips. Seek their advice and trust their recommendations to navigate any weather-related challenges.

Don’t have a wedding planner?  Try asking your venue manager for some assistance, or get in touch with some of the other wedding professionals you have hired to help with other aspects of your wedding.  The truth is that they’ve all been there before and should be able to give you some great advice! 

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5. Cherish the Rainy Moments

Shift your mindset to embrace the day with an open heart.  In the mountains of Queenstown, rain can create breathtaking and romantic photo opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be possible in the sun. 

And, remember: they say rain on your wedding day is a symbol of good luck because it signifies that your marriage will last.  As the saying goes: a knot that becomes wet is extremely hard to untie – therefore, when you “tie the knot” on a rainy day, your marriage is supposedly just as hard to unravel. 

So, do your best to enjoy the unique atmosphere and simply savour the extraordinary memories the rain brings.

Queenstown New Zealand - wedding photography - Rainy wedding day at NZ High Country - Emily Adamson PhotographyEmily Adamson Photography


In the end, preparing for a rainy wedding day is not about avoiding the weather but celebrating it! Hopefully these tips ensure that unexpected rain becomes a charming addition to your wedding story.

So, let the raindrops fall, and may your wedding day be filled with joy, love, and a touch of good fortune!

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