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Whether you have chosen your dad’s favourite old car, a vintage Rolls Royce, or a sparkling black BMW – adding a white ribbon to the front of the bridal car is a wonderful wedding tradition!

Today we are sharing how to secure a wedding ribbon to the front of the bridal car:

Step 1:  Select your wedding car ribbon before your big day. We recommend strong ribbon at least 60m long. Stay away from paper or plastic ribbon as this could break during application and can remove paint from the hood of the wedding car.

Step 2: Roll the ribbon out the night before your wedding and place magazines on top of the unrolled ribbon. This process will help to reduce the number wrinkles on the ribbon.

Step 3: Take one end of the ribbon and tie it around the hinge of the sun visor, be sure to make this nice and tight.

Step 4: Pull the ribbon through the door frame and leave the door open. Then toss the ribbon across the bonnet of the car.

Step 5: Pop the bonnet

Step 6: Straighten the ribbon out and lift up the bonnet, thread the ribbon through the bonnet. Secure the ribbon inside the bonnet.

Step 7: Keep the bonnet up, we suggest using a water bottle or something similar to keep the bonnet open

Step 8: Tie the ribbon to the hinge of the other sun visor.

Step 9: Take out the support and close the bonnet.

Step 10: The car is now ready to transport the wedding couple on their special day!


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