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Are you looking for some fashion and design inspiration for your Queenstown wedding day?  Well, you’re in luck!

Read on for the inside scoop on the wedding dress, suits & jewellery fashion trends of 2021/22…


Did someone say COLOUR?  We’re seeing a popular Queenstown wedding trend towards bright colours in every element of the wedding, and the colour-rich trends don’t stop at flowers, but now all the way down to the wedding ring designs too! 

Rose gold continues to be one of the most popular options for both engagement rings and wedding rings amongst Queenstown brides and grooms.  It gives warmth and softness to designs and looks incredible with blush peach sapphires, diamonds, morganites… and you of course!

Layering necklaces and rings is a fashionable look on the runway, the high-street and the wedding isle.  Have fun by mixing different finishes, styles, materials, gemstones and textures.  Layering your wedding jewellery allows you to create your own unique look for your Queenstown wedding day and beyond.

  • As more couples strive to create a unique and personalised Queenstown wedding experience, the demand for custom made jewellery is on the rise. You can work with a talented local Queenstown jeweller to create bespoke pieces such as wedding rings and hair pieces, all within your budget.



As our world has been turned upside down by Covid 19, there has been a huge shift in bridal trends that sit on the opposite ends of the spectrum from each other.

One stand-out bridal trend for Queenstown weddings has been a desire for lux and shine.  After a year of uncertainty that came alongside covid, brides have been asserting their inner-diva on their wedding day and really showcasing their personalities through an external expression of who they are as an individual.  Sequins and sheen has brought a touch of sparkle to Queenstown Weddings and we’ve loved seeing the way brides shine.

Some more bridal style trends are wedding dresses with sleeves and wedding dresses without lace.  In contrast to the luxurious trends mentioned above, there has also  been a shift towards more simple styles and sleek silhouettes.  A popular option has been simply wearing a silk slip on its own, or embellished with a top or cape for added dimension.

Wedding separates continue to prove a popular alternative to wedding dresses.  This is a great option if you’re looking to wear your wedding attire again after your Queenstown wedding day.  We’ve seen heaps of creative skirt and top combinations, plus some elegant tailored trousers too.

Hiring a wedding dress in Queenstown is also becoming increasingly popular among eco-conscious and budget-minded couples.  You can also hire wedding shoes, a veil or even a vintage fur to keep you warm for that mountain top photoshoot! 


A popular Queenstown wedding suit trend that continues into 2021 and beyond is the velvet blazer. This wedding suit look is great for autumn and winter weddings and is versatile in many colours such as black, grey, green, burgundy and even terracotta.

Statement shirts are becoming a popular way to make your Queenstown wedding suit stand out. This is your chance to add some real personality to your wedding day look and have some fun too. Whether you opt for a bright colour or a bold print this is not your average wedding suit getup!

If you’re planning a relaxed and laidback wedding then this is the trend for you… We’re seeing more Queenstown wedding suit looks without a tie or bowtie, or even without a suit at all!  For winter weddings you can opt for a cosy pullover or tailored coat whilst in summer don’t be afraid to keep cool in shorts.


To find the best in the Queenstown wedding fashion and design biz, check out our Attire and Jewellery directories.  Whatever style you choose, we know you’ll look amazing against the backdrop of beautiful Queenstown!



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