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Top 5 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Queenstown Wedding Guests

Looking for the best ways to have fun with your guests at your wedding? Pour a hot cuppa and let’s talk about the Top 5 wedding entertainment ideas to get your guests vibing at your Queenstown Wedding…

We see couples regularly overlook the fun-factor of their wedding, and it’s completely understandable when there are so many important things to think about when planning your wedding.  But no matter how hard your work on finding the right venue, or getting your flowers to perfectly match your colour scheme… if you forget to plan entertainment for everyone, you’ll be regretting it!

So to help you keep your guests entertained on your wedding night, we’ve compiled our Top 5 Queenstown Wedding Entertainment options that are sure to get your guests up and out of their seats, and potentially even talking about your wedding well after the last flight home!

If you’ve gone to the length of incorporating a reception into your wedding day, then you’re going to have to give your guests an opportunity to boogie!  

There’s something undeniably special about having a live band that can help get your guests on their feet and moving to the groove.  We’re yet to meet a person that doesn’t love a live-music ‘gig’ experience, and this one just happens to have a crowd with all of your favourite people… what could be better?

With a myriad of live acts available in Queenstown for your special day, from solo acts to full bands, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect musical vibe to match your event.  And if you’re the sort of couple that wants to transition the vibe of your day from ‘gig’ to ‘dance party’, why not start your event with live music and finish with a DJ?  (If you don’t think that’s you, just keep reading and we may convince you otherwise…)

If you think a live band will be the right fit for your wedding party, check out some of Queenstown’s finest live acts HERE.

Getting professional photography on your special day is a must, but what about the reception?  What if there was a way to not only capture the spirit of your day AND entertain your guests at the same time?

Look no further than a Photo Booth addition at your wedding reception! 

Photo booths have become a ‘must-have’ trend for every wedding celebration, creating literal (and tangible) memories for you and your loved ones.  

The beauty of having a photo booth at your wedding is that it encourages your guests to let their hair down and truely show their personality outside of the photos your photographer may catch, while also providing endless entertainment for young and old.  You’ll get to capture their silly moments while also gifting them with a priceless photo keepsake.  

Truthfully, the best part of having a photo booth is that you get to enjoy your wedding day then the next day you get to relive the goofy photo booth moments that you normally would have missed. 


There are options available for both indoor and outdoor events, and we’re lucky that Queenstown happens to have a number of unique photo booth experiences to really enhance your day.  Choose from an interactive touchscreen Mirror Booth, a vintage Kombi photo booth, or a traditional vintage-style photo booth. 

Despite their differences, whichever booth you select will provide you with oodles of epic photos of your friends & family having FUN together at your wedding… what can be better than that?


Take a look through Queenstown’s coolest Photo Booth options, on the QWA directory HERE.

Silent Disco

Potentially one of the most out-of-the-box entertainment ideas for your wedding celebration is a Silent Disco! 

These fun headphones give your guests the opportunity to switch between 3x channels of music, making it the perfect way to keep all your guests’ music preferences covered, from granny all the way to the young ones.

The Silent Disco setup is super simple too – just line up 3 of your own playlists from 3 different devices, and watch as the colours twinkle on the dance floor, as guests cycle through the channels on the LED-lit headphones.

Another added bonus is if you have a venue that might be limited by noise control, then the Silent Disco is the perfect way to bring the musical vibe without any limitations!

Silent Discos are quickly becoming a favourite addition to weddings around the World.  Will it be a favourite part of your wedding? 

Hiring a magician for your wedding may not have been on the top of your list,  but we think it should be! 


Magicians are not all about pulling rabbits out of hats, but they’re also comedians who will have their audience in fits of laughter while simultaneously leaving them in awe.

If your wedding is a family-friendly affair, you’ll want to think about at least one entertainment option that will appeal to the young ones. A magician is one great solution because they’ll also wow the adults in the room at the same time!

Not sure how a magician will fit into your wedding day schedule? We suggest hiring a magician for after your evening speeches. A great addition to your dessert hour or even at the same time as your DJ, to entertain those who aren’t big dancers. 


Do you want a professional music element, but maybe don’t have the space for a 4-piece live act?  Or maybe you want someone to play all your favourite anthems and help ‘control’ the vibe of your day?  Music is so important for your special day, so don’t leave it to your high-school mix-tape collection to run on repeat – hire a DJ to make your day complete!

The beauty of having a DJ is in their flexibility.  We all love live music, but not every band is equipped to play your favourite jam… cue the DJ!  Plus, not every venue has the space to accommodate your favourite Rolling Stones tribute act… cue the DJ.  Your favourite playlist can’t ‘read’ the crowd and transition flawlessly from ballad to dance track…. cue the DJ!

Whatever your taste in music, there’s a DJ out there that will help you create the soundtrack to your reception, and will get you and your guests singing and dancing the night away.   

For an overview of some Queenstown Wedding Entertainment options, simply head to the QWA Directory “Entertainment” category HERE.

If you need some more ideas for ways to keep your guests entertained, you can try reaching out to a Queenstown Wedding Planner who can help you get those final pieces of your wedding planning organised. 

For everything else, explore our Queenstown Wedding Directory HERE.

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