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What’s cooler than an Ice Sculpture on your Wedding Day? Queenstown Ice reveals all!

The Iceman reveals why he has the coolest job in town and how Queenstown Ice has grown with the wedding market.

An ice vase is just one of the options for a bespoke wedding ‘talking point’ by Queenstown Ice

Member of the QWA for nearly a year, Richard Scott has nurtured Queenstown Ice from back-yard bagged cubes of ice, to supplier of carving blocks for both ice bars, ice glasses, sculptures and more! As Queenstown’s wedding market booms this is the next direction he feels the business will strive in and we chat to him about how he fell into the ‘coolest’ job in town!

How did you get into ice carving? 

It was pretty much a natural progression for the business really.  As I supply the large carving blocks for the ice bars, it made sense to learn how to carve because I had a never ending supply of ice to practice on.  I went and did some professional training in London and the experience I gained there was priceless. Ice is a very unique medium to work with because you have a time limit on each ‘session’ with it.

What advice can you give to couples thinking about having a sculpture or luge on their big day? 

If you have an idea in mind – get in touch with us sooner rather than later! If it’s a complicated design, or we are setting table plans/flowers or items into the blocks – there is always a chance the block could crack and we may have to reset it – taking another 72 hours!

If you have a particular theme in mind – or no idea at all, you can call us to chat more about what we can do to fit with your theming – just a simple design with some lights under it looks cool!

Like most works of art, the biggest cost in ice carving is the labour to carve it – so just remember the more complicated the piece – the more it will cost!

A drink luge is always fun at a party or wedding!

What are the different options for carving that you offer to your clients? 

We have a wide range of option e.g. drink luges, buffet displays, ice bars, single block pieces to large multiple block pieces. We can also freeze most items into our blocks during the freezing process, wedding vows, table plans, bottles or anything else you can think off. Color filled engraving also look great.

How much are couples looking at spending for a sculpture or luge?

That’s completely up to them and depends on so many factors including location etc.  A simple piece delivered and set up locally would start from around $300.  After that the sky is the limit!

With the incredible fresh food we have here – do you offer food displays too?

Yes we do. Ice not only is a great way to keep things cold but can also be a great way to present it with a specially designed buffet display. With one of our custom make buffet displays you’ll be sure to impress your guests and give them all something to talk about and remember.

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You also supply bagged ice, hire chilly bins, a chiller/freezer trailer and half winebarrels, anything else?

We have an amazing looking wine barrel bar which has special compartments for ice and drinks and optional canvas parasols. 2 solid Oak Pinot Noir oiled barrels with a solid piece of Remu between, this can also be used for serving foods, cheese or anything else you can think of using it for!

What makes Queenstown such a wonderful place to get married?

I would say the scenery and number of amazing venues has to be the top draw card.  There is also such a large range of high quality services here which makes the logistics of organizing something special a lot less stress free then other places.

Queenstown Ice can be found under our Decor & Styling page, on their website www.queenstownice.co.nz and on Facebook.



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