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Which Season Is Best for A Queenstown Wedding?

So, you think you’d love to get married in Queenstown, but you can’t decide what time of year will be best for your Queenstown Wedding? Well, the great news is, it’s beautiful here all year round! To help you with your decision, we’ve created these blogs so you can see which season will suit your wedding plans best!

Summer Weddings in Queenstown

There is no doubt that Summer is one of the most popular times for a Queenstown wedding, and for good reason! Check out the top 3 reasons people choose to have a summer wedding…

Looong days – Summer in Queenstown means early sunrises and late sunsets, so you’ll feel like you have plenty of time to enjoy the daylight and fit all your festivities in before the sun drops, often well after 9pm.

Warmer days and lots of sunshine – Summer here in Queenstown is also well know as being one of the more settled seasons when it comes to weather. While we can’t promise you will have a perfect sunny day, we can say that your chances with a warm, sunny day are the best this time of year (December-February)

Perfect holiday time – When you are planning a destination wedding, you may often find you need to consider your friends and families travel plans alongside your own. The summer months may provide the most popular option for your friends and family looking to plan a holiday in New Zealand alongside your wedding!

Winter Weddings in Queenstown

Are you looking for the ultimate winter wedding location? Well Queenstown is definitely your answer! Read on to find out why Queenstown winter weddings are so popular with couples from around the world…

Snow, snow and more snow! During the winter the mountains look all dressed up with their snowy mountaintops and our beautiful backdrop for your wedding

Early sunset and romantic winter lighting – wedding photographers LOVE Queenstown winter weddings thanks to the incredibly gorgeous lighting that the early sunsets provide!

Candlelight and fireplaces…how romantic! Need we say more?

It’s ski season! Whether you are a skier or a snowboarder, or just want to see what all the hype around these winter sports is about…winter is the perfect time to plan a wedding here! You’ll have a chance to get married and jump on the slopes together with all your family and friends…all in the same weekend! Amazing!

Autumn Weddings in Queenstown

Why choose Autumn for a Queenstown wedding? Traditionally Autumn is “shoulder” season in Queenstown – this saying originated from the idea that you want to cover your shoulders (because it’s cooling down), but it’s not yet cold enough for a coat.

Autumn is arguably the best looking season in Queenstown – the autumnal colours that cover every tree, hillside and ground are insanely bright, an array of reds, oranges, pinks, yellows and browns that will leave you speechless.

In Autumn you get a nice mix of the warm Summer days and the cosy Winter evenings, and if you are lucky you might get a sprinkling of snow of the hilltops (and maybe even on the ground).

Autumn in New Zealand also covers many public holidays, including the school holidays, Easter break and ANZAC day (April 25), which means you can coincide your wedding with a nice long holiday.

Spring Weddings in Queenstown

When we think about Spring, we think about baby lambs and gorgeous green fields. And Queenstown has both of these aplenty, as well as so much more to see and do.

When Spring kicks off in Queenstown, the ski fields are going strong which means that the mountain tops are still covered in snow, despite the warming weather. In fact, it’s not unheard of to have one or two big snow dumps throughout September and October.

As well as the green fields, baby lambs and snow-capped mountains, in Spring you’ll also have blossoms galore – those same trees that were orange, red and yellow in Autumn, become pink with snow-like blossoms in October. And,  you’ll be enamoured with all the peonies around. If you are a flower lover, Spring is definitely the season for you!

As with Autumn, Spring will give you the best of both Winter and Summer when it comes to the weather – warmer days as a tempting lead up to Summer, but still those cosy nights that we love so much in Winter. Imagine a wedding in which your guests comfortably wear sundresses and light shirts for your ceremony, and then make their way inside for mulled wine by the fire for the reception.



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