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A Taste of Forever: Your Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Wedding Caterer

Embarking on the journey of wedding planning can be an absolute delight, especially when your destination is the captivating Queenstown, New Zealand.  As you set forth on this path of orchestrating your perfect day, a decision of utmost significance awaits: the selection of your wedding caterer.

Finding and selecting the right wedding caterer can be as demanding as choosing your venue, or potentially even harder. While the venue choice may resonate with your shared journey as a couple, the intricacies of catering for your guests and their tastes introduces a distinct challenge.  

Indeed, the task of catering for your attendees proves to be more mind-bending than it may initially seem. Given that this likely represents one of the largest food bills you’ll ever have, it’s crucial to make sure that every aspect aligns precisely with you and your partners preferences.

The culinary experience you provide for your guests can leave a lasting impression, making the choice of a wedding caterer a decision that requires careful consideration. In this guide, we’ll explore invaluable tips and essential questions to ensure you find the perfect wedding caterer for your Queenstown wedding.



Top tips to help decide who your wedding caterer will be & what’s going on your menu:

  • Make sure you start contacting caterers well in advance, some of the best ones can be booked a year or more out! A great place to find the highest recommended local caterers is the Queenstown Weddings Catering Directory HERE.

  • Choose the food that YOU want to eat! You’re NEVER going to please everyone, and you’re paying the bill, so always keep your own opinions at the forefront of your decisions.

  • Ask friends and relatives for recommendations. Have they had anything at a wedding or event that they really loved or couldn’t stop thinking about after they had it?

  • Ask your venue for help! Usually big hotels, privately run venues and special-event facilities will have a list of preferred suppliers. This will take the pressure off you choosing, or at least whittle down the options if you need to look somewhere beyond the Queenstown Weddings Catering Directory.



  • Ask your photographer, videographer, florist, or beautician if they have any recommendations – people within the local wedding industry usually have the best opinions because they spend more time eating there than at home during wedding season!

  • While it’s great to get advice, as there will be things your caterer can suggest that you may not have thought of… but also make sure your caterer listens to what you want. Don’t be swayed into going with what they think tastes good or what is en vougue at the moment – it’s your day, so make sure they do it your way!


  • Go for at least one tasting – Try for 2 or more, if the option is available! Seeing a chef with food is ultimately a great test of passion – however, you’ll be serving their food so that’s the more important aspect!

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Questions to ask your caterer –

Some helpful good-to-know questions before you sign on the dotted line…..

    • Does the caterer have the correct licence – for a food licence (meeting the local department standards is always good) and if they are supplying beverage a liquor licence needs to be held by the duty manager on site who will take liability of the responsible service of alcohol.

    • References are always helpful – ask a couple who had similar style of menu and service to see how the company were to work with and how they delivered the reception menu style.


    • Does the caterer specialise in any certain food preferences you and your partner have, e.g Gluten Free, ethically sourced, local produce, vegan etc… not only will they have the skills, this could reflect on your price point (let’s face it asking a sushi chef to prepare a roast dinner isn’t going to end well…)

    • Does your caterer provide staff, setting up, clearing up? You don’t want to be stacking chairs in your wedding dress!!

    • When do you need to finalise number and pay deposits? Caterers typically have a final date that they require all details so that they can confirm their menus. Make sure you can meet their timeline.

    • Does your caterer provide a wedding cake? Never assume this is included in a wedding menu, usually again, there are specialist wedding cake pastry chefs for this.

  • Has your caterer worked at your venue? If you are using an off-site caterer, ask if they have worked at your chosen venue before, and what they will need in addition to the tables and chairs etc…

Need some more help?

Get in touch with some of our fabulous catering members for more inspiration and guidance today – they are all local food guru’s and you will be in safe hands when it comes to ensuring you’ve picked the perfect menu for your big day!

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