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Member Spotlight: Silent Disco Queenstown

Tell us about who you are, what you do….

My name is Marryann, and I started Silent Disco Queenstown after I was introduced to the concept of silent discos on a trip back home to Cornwall in the UK.  My close friend who’s in the business of organising bands for major music festivals told me about how they were a growing sensation at festivals around the world. The idea struck me as refreshingly unique, and I thought, “Why not? It’s unique and no one is doing it!” And so, with a love of music and a desire to see people having fun I took the plunge and launched Silent Disco Queenstown Ltd.

I’ve always been amazed by how even the most steadfast “non-dancers” or “wallflowers” find themselves shedding inhibitions and joining in the dancing with everyone else at a silent disco. Music has a way of breaking down barriers and uniting people in joyous moments, and that’s what I love to foster through our silent disco experiences. 

So… what is a silent disco? 

A silent disco is where everyone is listening to the music through wireless headphones. Music is transmitted through wireless transmitters so the listener has 3 channels of music to choose from. 

For instance, you might be a rock fan but your guests more into RnB… with a silent disco you CAN have both AND another genre or playlist. 

You can easily switch between channels by pressing the button on the side of your headset.  The headsets have LED lights on the side so you know which channel others are listening to. It adds a really fun and unique twist to your celebrations. 

Additionally, your DJ can plug into our system, so if you can’t decide…have both!

Silent Disco Queenstown hires out headsets and provides a fully managed silent disco service for weddings, parties, events, corporate dinners and more. 

What is your favourite wedding story?

It was a really well choreographed 70’s inspired first dance to the song You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing. The bride and groom executed the dance with such flair and cheekiness that it had everyone clapping, singing along and thoroughly entertained. The energy was so infectious that we even cheered them on to perform it not once, not twice but three times!

What is your most popular product/service?

Our most sought-after service is an all-inclusive package where we take care of everything for you. From handing out the headsets, curating playlists to seamlessly packing everything away, we ensure your event is a resounding success. Collaborating closely with couples, we curate playlists that align perfectly with their preferences, or, they can send us their cherished Spotify playlists. With three music channels to choose from, spanning different genres, pleasing various age groups is a breeze.

What is something new about your business?

A new hen do/hen party idea…our Silent Disco Walking Tour. It’s like a roaming riot of fun in the streets of downtown Queenstown!

Picture this: you and your entourage strutting through the lively streets of downtown Queenstown, grooving to fantastic tunes through your headsets. Our charismatic and engaging host leads the way.  You’ll find yourself singing along, grooving and bonding with your besties in no time! 

And if a shot at a bar strikes your fancy, we are all in for that too! We can make it special for the hen and throw in some of her favourite tracks or match the music to a theme.

It adds a touch of adventure, entertainment, and a unique experience to the traditional hen party celebrations. Expect to laugh a lot! It’s so much fun and totally different!  We’ve also had hens add on a picnic in the gardens to finish off or we can leave the group in a central location…you may be ready for a glass of  bubbles after all that fun!

Tell us something we don’t already know about you/your business.

Me: I used to work on super yachts travelling the world, looking after the rich and famous. Plenty of stories to tell!  I have even organised a wedding on a luxury sail yacht in Venice just a stone’s throw from St Mark’s Square. 

Silent Disco Queenstown: Sometimes I go into aged care facilities and do silent discos for the residents. It’s great to see their faces lighting up and to get them moving to the music. Even those that have limited mobility or with hearing difficulties can join in due to wearing a headset. Research shows that using silent disco headsets in dementia care can have a really positive impact as it can help promote memory and cognitive function.  This is something I would like do more of.  We are never too old or frail to enjoy music!



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