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Category: Queenstown

Jan 10
Great Group Activities For You And Your Queenstown Wedding Guests

One of the best things about a destination wedding in Queenstown is that you and your…

Nov 04
How Much Alcohol Should I Order for my Queenstown Wedding?

Not sure where to start with working out how much booze to budget for your big day? …

Apr 27
Weddings at Level 3

What does weddings at Level 3 look like in Queenstown?The Government has confirmed…

Mar 26
Covid-19: Marriage Licence Refund

If you were planning to get married within the next 90days and have already applied…

Mar 04
MAFS Honeymoon in Queenstown

Queenstown is not only a fantastic place to get married, it is also an amazing place…

Nov 30
QWA Xmas Party With A Cause

The QWA Christmas party was held on Thursday 28 November at Lake Hayes Pavilion. This…