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Margaret Wray and dresses

QWA Member Spotlight: Margaret Wray Bridal

Margaret Wray bridal is a boutique based in Clyde, servicing brides throughout Central Otago and New Zealand. The label originating in London has relocated to the designer Jamie’s home town, where a collection of gowns are available to try on. Styles are tailored to each bride, are made in New Zealand using silk fabric to ensure the most comfort in the hot Central Otago weather.

Margaret Wray

1. Why do you think couples should choose a Queenstown wedding?

The landscape around Central Otago is like no other, Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer there is a climate and landscape to suit each individual couple.

Margaret Wray shop

2. What’s the best season for a Queenstown wedding?

I love spring flowers and autumn colours, I’m not married and I would find it hard to choose, maybe I’d do it twice!

Bridal studio

3. Tell us the most unique/interesting thing you’ve seen at a Queenstown wedding…

I went to a colleagues wedding in Denmark and they have this tradition when if anyone at the wedding breakfast taps there cutlery on their glass the couple have to kiss, then if the the tapping continues they have to stand up on the chair and kiss, then too the table if the tapping continues. Very funny to watch!

working in her studio

4. What is your favourite Queenstown restaurant or cafe?

Being based in Clyde I haven’t been over to Queenstown for a while but I love Franks for yummy healthy brekkie, La Rambla in Arrowtown for cocktails and tapa’s. If your visiting me in Clyde, Paulina’s is my favourite for dinner.

bridal studio

5. Tell us a random fact about yourself…

I lived in a caravan from aged 5 to about 7 or 8 as we travelled around a lot for mum and dad’s work, dad was a shearer and mum cooked for the crew. Me and my brother loved it as we did correspondence for a couple hours a day then went off and explored, made stuff and chatted to all the different people/cultures in the crew. We only went to school in the winter so it was a big change when we got a house in Clyde and had to go to school full time!

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