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QWA Member Spotlight: Queenstown Wedding Photographer, RICH BAYLEY

We checked in with Queenstown wedding photographer Rich Bayley to pick his brains on all things wedding and Queenstown related. Here’s what he had to say…

“I LOVE SHOOTING WEDDINGS, putting couples and their guests at ease, having fun and laughing. This is when those magic moments happen.”


1. Why do you think couples should choose a Queenstown wedding?

Queenstown is brimming with talented wedding professionals passionate about what they do so you are spoilt for choice. There are so many different style venues to choose from nestled in the most incredible locations too. I’ve lived here for 20 years and the scenery still blows my mind daily! For guests there’s a ton of cafes, bars and restaurants, adventure activities for the brave and wine tours for the….thirsty!


2. What’s the best season for a Queenstown wedding?

Queenstown has a relatively dry climate which blesses us with a lot of really beautiful sunny days year round. Summer has the big blue skies and long warm evenings, Autumn has the most stunning golden colours. With winter comes the snow which turns our alpine scenery from Wow to WOAH! In Spring we still have a little snow around, cherry blossoms and things start to warm up a bit too! Anytime time of year is the great time to get married here in Queenstown but that Winter scenery is my favourite for sure.


3. Tell us the most unique/interesting thing you’ve seen at a Queenstown wedding…

I once captured a couple who danced back down the aisle after their ceremony followed by all of their guests which instantly turned into a perfectly synchronised dance for about 10 minutes. Think off-the-cuff Hip Hop video. Truely amazing!


4. What is your favourite Queenstown restaurant or cafe?

My place because I’m pretty handy in the kitchen! Is that cheating? Ok…..Queenstown has a ton of eateries to choose from, like A LOT. My favourites would be Margo’s (Modern Mexican) White & Wongs (Asian Fusion)


5. Tell us a random fact about yourself…

Although I absolutely love working and playing amongst the mountains, I’m happiest getting salty in the ocean.

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